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Did you know that entrusting your goods to any freight forwarder without purchasing ALL RISKS coverage in advance can be very dangerous?

The current laws and supranational conventions that govern national and international transport provide in fact important exclusions and limitations of liability, that could cause serious financial damage to the person concerned with compensation for any damage (the sender or recipient, i.e. the sender of the shipping order).

Vectorial liability is excluded in cases of force majeure and fortuitous events (e.g. robbery, severe weather, general damage in maritime transport, etc.) and that is in almost all events that can seriously damage your goods and is in any case severely limited in terms of all other situations.

DRES srl, as a freight forwarder, is insured to protect its legal liability, but many risks (and above all the compensation of the full value of the goods) require specific insurance coverage.

For this reason, comprehensive insurance coverage is desirable, if not necessary!

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Thanks to the agreements signed with leading insurance companies, DRES is able to offer among its ancillary services, at competitive rates, also the All Risks insurance on the goods transported, with the possibility of giving us a continuous insurance mandate (see document downloadable here on the right), with which to get rid of the thought once and for all.

For your information, we summarize the terms of carrier liability below:

  • 1 euro for gross kg of damaged or lost goods in national land transport (Civil Code, art. 1696);
  • 8.33 SDR * (special drawing rights) for gross kg of damaged or lost goods in international land transport (CMR);
  • 19 SDR * for gross kg of goods damaged or lost in air transport (Montreal Convention);
  • 666.67 SDR * for package or 2 SDR * for gross kg of damaged or lost goods in international maritime transport (Brussels, Visby and The Hague Conventions);

Without an adequate insurance coverage, the above is, at best, the maximum reimbursement you will receive following an event that may damage your goods.

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